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All4Labels supports brands to build outstanding experiences for consumers through digitalization and variable data printing

The Human Blend, the latest campaign from global packaging group All4Labels, one of the world’s leading label and packaging companies, is born to offer new perspectives to the rapidly growing market of shrink sleeves.

It combines All4Labels’ long-term experience in digital printing together with its strong focus to deliver a best-in-class example of a variable data printing application. All4Labels’ approach makes it possible to structure a brand innovation model aimed at accompanying brand owners all the way from projects’ conception to completion. Thanks to the valuable partnership with HP Indigo as well as to the dedicated business unit All4Graphics, brand owners can exploit the power of packaging, building memorable experiences for consumers and meeting wider business goals.

The Human Blend responds to the emerging needs of Gen Z, who is inclined to look for values like transparency, individuality, inclusion, and sustainability in the packaging of their favorite brands. Research show that 53%[1] of Gen Z want brands to offer personalized or customized products, 69%[2] are more likely to purchase from companies that openly share their values and 73%[3] would pay more for a sustainable product.

The Human Blend project showcases digital sleeves that respond to these trends with highly creative solutions. The project combines graphic elements in unique ways to create new designs for each digitally printed sleeve. This has been made possible thanks to HP SmartStream Mosaic™ proprietary SW suite.

A set of typical human features, that represent different ethnic groups and cultures, have been designed to form an image of a person. HP SmartStream Mosaic™’s unique algorithm then randomized between those elements and backgrounds to create thousands of possible sleeves.

The result is a customized packaging, capable of attracting consumers’ attention while promoting a culture aimed at inclusion and acceptance of diversity, created thanks to combination, and blending of the various elements into characters that reflect a multicultural richness.

Variable data printing is an outstanding opportunity for brand owners that want to innovate their packaging and offer an unforgettable brand experience to consumers. The Human Blend shows that Variable Information (VI) Data is only a starting point for digital printing and that item-level customization can be taken to the next level.

Adrian Tippenhauer, CEO at All4Labels, says: “I am proud of this project that represent a further step on our digital path. The Human Blend highlights our long-established digital DNA and our commitment to explore all possible solutions available for our customers using new technologies. As pioneers of digital transformation, we keep on leading the change from digital printing to digital thinking and we constantly bring new applications to the market”.

Having in mind the benefit of customers as well as of the planet, All4Labels strives to deliver sustainable solutions to the market. Massimiliano Martino, CTO at All4Labels, adds: “We know from experience how much packaging can be transformed using digitalization. By investing constantly in new technology and in the latest digital production machines, we are able to provide optimal variable graphics and applications at the lowest carbon emission possible. The Human Blend pushes forward the frontiers of creativity to sustainably reconciliate together humans’ needs with the latest available technologies”.

In the HP graphic arts and digital print businesses, it is one of our core values to incorporate sustainability throughout the entire value chain, and we are committed to creating a powerful culture of diversity and equity across our ecosystem. We have a responsibility to channel our technology in a way that enhances our communities, and I’m proud to see that HP Indigo’s technology is raising the bar on sustainability by helping to bring The Human Blend campaign to life,” said Haim Levit, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Industrial Print. “The campaign is a prime example of how digital printing can provide a platform for brands to help consumers connect to a greater purpose, celebrate inclusivity and gain a sense of belonging.