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All4Labels invests in multiple Durst Tau 510 RSCi presses

All4Labels Global Packaging Group has invested in multiple Durst Tau 510 RSCi presses after successfully completing testing of a beta machine at its Gebesee production facility in Germany.

All4Labels operates 29 production sites globally with more than 3,000 employees, specializing in the home, personal care, and food and beverage markets. The company supplies pressure-sensitive, shrink sleeve, and security labels as well as flexible packaging and identification technologies.

The Tau 510 RSCi was installed at the All4Labels plant in mid-2020 and was since then tested under real production conditions for a dedicated range of label and packaging applications. Thanks to the positive performance, another machine has been installed in the same press room to further increase production capacity needs in Gebesee, followed by multiple installations in other All4Label plants across Europe.

‘This investment in Durst’s RSCi printing technology, software, and service represents a further step up in what we offer for customers demanding the very best, who include internationally renowned brands and local companies,’ commented Christian Kraft, plant manager at All4Labels, Gebesee. ‘Optimization of production processes has become All4Label’s main priority in a market where we see a high level of customization, premiumization, and personalization.

‘Digital printing and the associated technologies have allowed us to offer greater flexibility and faster response to the marketplace. Now, with the new Tau 510 RSCi, Durst has moved to yet another level and will be providing us with industrial performance for medium and long print runs with outstanding quality.’

Helmuth Munter, Durst’s segment manager for labels and flexible packaging, added: ‘We are delighted to be a business partner of All4Labels, and we are proud and happy about the successful beta test of our new Tau 510 RSCi. This strategic alignment is a perfect endorsement for our strategy and the strong emphasis that we place on customer care, quality, and innovation, thus in partnership helping our clients be increasingly successful in their chosen business, and we’re looking forward to future successful growth with All4Labels.’