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All4Labels extends its STAR Portfolio further with another premium sustainable solution

The position of All4Labels Global Packaging Group as one of the world’s leading label and packaging companies has been reinforced further with another innovation based on the group’s firm commitment to sustainability. STARDIRECT™ is a new ‘no label’ look solution that significantly reduces plastic and waste by eliminating printing substrates. The patented technology offers improved design flexibility, supports lower CO2 emissions, and enables opportunities to improve reuse and recycling.

Sustainability is part of All4Labels’ DNA. Its technology teams and operations focus continuously  on cutting environmental impact, with lower emissions and other gains enabled by new technologies. STARDIRECT™ is the most recent example, co-developed in collaboration with our partner, where the production process was scaled up and optimized at the dedicated All4Labels site in Leeds (UK).  

STARDIRECT™ opens up major new opportunities, especially in Wine & Spirits, Personal & Homecare, Beer & Beverages, and Food – importantly, including products that do not currently use labels. Brand owners now have the option to convert their packaging into an attractively designed solution with lower environmental impact.

Guido Iannone (All4Labels CSO) said that market demand is expected to be high, and All4Labels is expanding STARDIRECT™ production across multiple sites throughout Europe including Spain, Italy, Germany, and other regions: “We act as a global hub for innovation. All4Labels devotes an enormous amount of time and resources to creating genuinely unmatched label solutions, by finding new ways to use printing technologies that ensure sustainability gains. STARDIRECT™ is an exciting new development that has now successfully completed its testing phase and is already available to our customers.”

STARDIRECT™ is suitable for glass, plastic, and aluminum containers. Special inline applicators or rotary applicator modules available through our partners provide high quality container labelling for brand owners committed to sustainable and innovative solutions. STARDIRECT™ decorations are currently applied at medium speed rates with plans to enter the high-speed dispensing market, making All4Labels the partner-of-choice for brand owners seeking high-speed dispensing solutions.

Chen Yan (All4Labels Head of Global Operations Technology): “Our STARDIRECT™ solution offers two major benefits. First, its sheer design flexibility surpasses screen printing, because it can accommodate a wide array of color schemes, finishes, and customizations. Second, it meets sustainability requirements by reducing plastic use and waste compared with conventional solutions, promotes reuse and recycling opportunities, and lowers CO2 emissions during production.”