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All4Labels expands intelligent label and packaging solutions with the foundation of QR Marketing

All4Labels Global Packaging Group, one of the world’s leading label and packaging companies, is investing in the expansion of intelligent QR solutions and Cloud Services to ensure stronger brand protection and greater customer engagement through latest technologies to address fast-changing consumer demands.

By founding QR-Marketing GmbH, All4Labels Group strengthens its digital pioneering role in the label printing market and enables a comprehensive range of secure and intelligent solutions for labels, packaging and beyond. The new entity was founded at the end of year 2021 and counts about 20 dedicated employees.

Driven by a strong digital attitude and more than 25 years of experience in digital printing, All4Labels invests in digitalisation and technology to support its customers to mitigate their brands’ risk exposure to counterfeit and to increase their sales and customers’ loyalty. The demand of sophisticated authentication and interaction technologies in packaging is a growing trend with the aim of getting ahead of the counterfeit industry and competition.

“All4Labels acts as pioneer in sustainable and digital packaging solutions. QR Marketing combines these two pillars by offering comprehensive solutions to connect physical products with digital content to our clients and beyond. Intelligent packaging solutions enabling brand protection and customer engagement, will be key for brands to stay ahead of grey markets and their competitors.” says Adrian Tippenhauer, CEO at All4Labels.

QR Marketing is born to deliver innovative solutions to the market that can safeguard the integrity of brands and increase customer engagement. QR Marketing does that by combining modern IT software skills with All4Labels existing expertise in digital printing to create a new offer: the generation, management, and analysis of unique ID Tags, which can be integrated into the label or packaging design, thanks to variable data printing. This offer enables applications such as brand protection, user verification of integrity, gray market monitoring, track & trace solutions, 24/7 shopping in retail, personalized marketing measures to increase customer engagement, and much more.

QR Marketing solutions are based on a secure cloud platform and are combined with networking technologies (ID Tags): QR, NFC, RFID and eRFID.

Nicolas Günther, Managing Director at QR Marketing and All4Labels Smart + Secure: "We are very pleased to further expand the portfolio of intelligent solutions of All4Labels together with the QR Marketing unit, and to offer our customers real added value. Thanks to innovative ID Tags and Cloud Services, QR Marketing makes it possible to interact with consumers, personalize the user experience and protect products and brands from counterfeits.

QR Marketing provides a cost-effective and quick solution for brand protection and customer interaction on an international scale.

Learn more on our website: www.qrmarketing.com