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All4Labels discusses LED-UV strategy at GEW press event, Labelexpo Europe 2023

GEW have partnered with leading global label manufacturer, All4Labels to discuss the implementation of GEW’s new AeroLED UV curing system at the converter’s operating plants. The press conference will take place on September 12 at 10.30 as part of Labelexpo Europe 2023 at Brussels Expo. 

Speakers include Robert Rae, Managing Director for Sales at GEW and Severin Much, Global Printing Technology at All4Labels. They will discuss the benefits of the air-cooled AeroLED UV curing system compared to water-cooled systems. Other benefits discussed include the system’s energy efficiency, process reliability and ArcLED compatibility. 

The press conference highlights All4Labels’ transition from mercury UV to the installation of GEW’s LED curing systems as part of the group’s commitment to sustainable development and to decarbonize its operations.

Robert Rae, Managing Director for Sales, GEW said: “We’re looking forward to doing this press conference with All4Labels as we discuss the experiences they’ve had in their transition to UV LED. We believe this discussion will illustrate to printers just how beneficial this switch can be.”

“The All4Labels sustainability drive is a massive undertaking and includes upgrading over 600 UV lampheads, around 90% of which are upgrades to GEW’s air-cooled UV LED system, AeroLED. We are delighted to be their partner throughout this operation and welcome the opportunity to support their journey towards carbon neutrality.”

Severin Much, Global Printing Technology, All4Labels commented: “One of All4Labels main focuses for several years has been sustainability. Switching to LED-UV can make a major contribution to reduce the CO² of a printing plant.”

“In our first LED test system in 2018, the technology was not yet fully operational. Now the LED development is so far that we can carry out a safe conversion keeping printing quality and quantity.”

The discussion with All4Labels will be chaired by Andy Thomas-Emans, Strategic Director of Labelexpo and Labels & Labeling.