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ACTEGA Launches World’s First Dual Cure Soft Touch Coating for Laminate Tubes

ACTEGA, manufacturer of specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds for the print and packaging industry, today announces the launch of, GALACRYL® 89.501.14, the world’s first ‘soft touch’ effect decorative coating for laminate tubes. The new water-based dual cure solution solves the previous issues of long-term scratch, abrasion and stain resistance associated with soft touch effects on laminate tubes and provides manufacturers of laminate and extruded tubes with a brand-new revenue stream to diversify their business.

The highly desirable soft touch effect coating has previously been used successfully on different flexible packaging. However, attempts to create an effect coating that provided both the soft texture and optimal technical production properties for laminate tubes have previously been unsuccessful. ACTEGA has overcome this challenge by combining an environmentally friendly, water-based dual cure varnish coating, achieving the long-term durability required of this effect on laminate tubes.

André Soterio, Head of Sales, Labels, EMEA, ACTEGA, comments “Soft touch effects on packaging are very appealing to consumers as they add a feeling of prestige and quality - proven to increase product engagement and sales.

“Thanks to the expertise and talent within the ACTEGA R&D team, we’ve been able to bring these effects to laminate tubes for the first time, transforming the cold and clinical laminate substrate into a warm, comfortable and tactile consumer experience. Replicating rubber, leather or even velvet soft touch effects, this new capability represents a new and profitable service offering for customers.”

Ideal for packaging containers used within cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, house-hold goods and the food industry, new GALACRYL 89.501.14 features a water-based and milky matte finish varnish. Once applied, the coating is UV cured to protect and seal the container.

Srecko Stjepanovic, Head of Global Market Management, Flexible Packaging, ACTEGA, concludes, “The plastic tube industry is growing rapidly, so tube manufacturers need to be able to adapt their offering to deliver what brands want and need. Having solved the previous durability problems associated with this effect when applied to laminate tubes, we are now excited to see how brands integrate this new solution into their product portfolios.”