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ABG’s Global Distributors and Sales Teams gather for intensive training events

A B Graphics International (ABG), the leading print finishing equipment manufacturer, successfully concluded two-day training events for its global distributors and sales teams. The events, held on 21-22 June and 27-28 June respectively, provided participants with comprehensive knowledge of ABG's latest technology and product capabilities. The agenda included training presentations, live demonstrations and interactive discussions with technical experts.

The events offered a unique opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights into ABG's product portfolio and witness the company's cutting-edge machines in action. Through direct engagement with ABG's technical experts, participants acquired a thorough understanding of the latest advancements and capabilities.

The intensive training covered a wide range of topics, including ABG's pioneering solutions such as  ABG Connect and the company’s automation capabilities, plus upgrades to their SRI, fleyeVision, ABG Digital (DigiJet, DigiLaset) and inkjet systems. Additionally, attendees were treated to engaging demonstrations of non-stop winding technology, shrink sleeve solutions, EcoLeaf, the beverage-specific Digicon, DigiLite, and various new solutions to be showcased at the forthcoming Labelexpo Europe 2023 on 11-14 September.

Highlighting ABG's commitment to collaboration and strategic partnerships, presentations were delivered by key partners, including CERM, Mercian Labels, Maan Engineering and HP. The cohesive spirit promoted during the events ensures that ABG's distributors and sales teams are equipped to offer comprehensive solutions to their clients, supported by the collective expertise of industry leaders.

Commenting on the distributors’ event, Mark Hyde, ABG sales manager, said: "It was great to see so many of our distributors attend the training insights this week, some travelling from as far as Australia to update on our new technology. The opportunity to witness our machines in action and learn from our technical experts proved invaluable for all participants."

The distributors' event drew attendees from various countries, exemplifying ABG's extensive global reach. Representatives from the Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Greece, Australia, Italy, and Mexico were in attendance. The sales training event included teams from North America, Chile, France, Spain, Holland, Germany and the UK.

Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director, added: “The concept of being "one team" is important to us at ABG. It underscores our commitment to cultivating a collective vision and a strong sense of belonging. Having all team members physically present in one place helps us recognise the value of face-to-face interaction and a shared sense of purpose, in addition to equipping them with the knowledge needed to meet the evolving demands of the market.”