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ABG helps Windmill Tapes and Labels stay ahead of the competition with advanced Digicon 3 Series

Leading manufacturer of finishing equipment, A B Graphic International (ABG), has assisted longstanding customer, Windmill, a producer of tapes and labels, in upgrading their operations with a Digicon 3 Series investment. Customised specifically for the rapidly growing vape market and specialised Peel & Reveal (P&R) work, this new inclusion represents a significant advancement in Windmill’s finishing expertise.

ABG’s Digicon 3 is well-known for its cutting-edge features: screen printing, laminate registration and the pioneering gapmaster. Notably, its integration follows Windmill's prior investment in re-registration software for their HP presses. Previously, producing a single-layer P&R label entailed a tri-step process, requiring the base layer to be printed first, followed by lamination and subsequent finishing. With the Digicon 3's advanced re-registration abilities, this can now be streamlined into a single print and finishing pass, thereby enhancing efficiency.

What sets this acquisition apart for Windmill is the Digicon's capability to produce double-sided P&R labels. This entails a base print with a silicone release and a dual-printed top layer - both on the front and the adhesive reverse side. Such a configuration is highly sought-after in the vape market, and with the Digicon 3, Windmill is likely to secure a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing sector. The addition of two screen units further amplifies their operational flexibility, enabling even more efficient planning and enhanced service delivery to their customer base.

Commenting on the installation, Windmill’s Ian Southern said: "We are delighted with our new Digicon 3 series. Our expansion in the vape sector demanded an advanced finishing press and the Digicon 3 certainly delivers. It enables us to elevate our P&R label production efficiency, strengthening our competitive position.

“As we've come to expect from ABG, the installation was impeccable, aligning seamlessly with our timelines. In anticipation, we had readied a new 6000 sqft mezzanine area, which with ABG's assistance, transitioning of all three of our Digicons to a designated finishing zone under the mezzanine was flawless. Our subsequent plan is to encase this area and integrate air conditioning, guaranteeing unwavering production quality throughout the seasons."

ABG's global sales director, Matt Burton, said: “Windmill's consistent trust in ABG for their finishing needs is a clear indication of our long-standing relationship. Our high-quality engineering, unparalleled dependability and all-inclusive assistance provide excellent value. This demonstrates our dedication to keeping our customers ahead of the competition.”