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ABG adds laser perforation to shrink-sleeve seaming solution

Building on their recent rebrand of the shrink sleeve range including seaming (SR), doctoring (DR) and cutting machines (IC), A B Graphic International (ABG) can now offer laser perforation on their shrink sleeve SR - their market-leading seaming offering designed to meet the high productivity demands of the labelling market.

Using a unique solvent application system with a motorised roller system (smartwheel), the SR creates a strong, reliable weld ensuring that the web will not break when heat is applied. The application of the adhesive creates a flat, clean weld that improves productivity, boosts product quality and helps reduce operating costs and waste.

The addition of laser perforation, which can be retrofitted to existing seaming machines, will provide quicker turnaround times and increased efficiency. In addition by using the laser to make perforations, no tooling is required.

Designed and manufactured by ABG, the SR comes with the benefit of the company’s extensive global service and support and is built with connectivity and automation at the forefront, including technology for industry 4.0.

“The addition of laser perforation shrink sleeve solution is an exciting development,” said Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director. “As the device reduces a traditional two-stage process to one, its addition is indicative of our continual drive to provide our customers with production efficiencies and faster turnaround times, all with the support and service you’d expect from ABG’s nearly 70 years of print finishing expertise.”