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134 PMS printed during Codimag Technical Seminar

Codimag and Esko organized last week a Technical Seminar on the implementation of a 7-colour process system on the Aniflo. During three days, customers came from all over Europe to evaluate the benefits of using Equinox on an Aniflo press.

The presentations discussed the benefits of 7-colour process and press stabilization to get constant results, and clarified the required steps in the implementation of such a system both in pre-press and press operation. It also showed how the Aniflo could easily be fingerprinted and stabilized for constant results.
Aniflo is an anilox offset print unit, on which variables have been reduced to a minimum, and it is therefore much easier to characterize and stabilize, for predictable results.

During the afternoons, customers were invited to bring their own files for print tests. Files were open with the customers and converted into 5, 6 or 7-colour Equinox profiles. Customers could then see live plate-making, which is less than 20 minutes for 7 plates in offset technology, and plates were put on press to check the print match to a digital proof which was made on an Epson 4900 while opening the file.

During the three sessions, a total number of 11 files containing 41 labels went through the press, converting a total of 134 PMS or spot colours into CMYKOGB.
Codimag also organized a job with 120 PMS colours converted into CMYK and into CMYKOGB to see the benefits of 7-colour process in terms of colour matching, which will also be shown during next Labelexpo Americas at Chicago in September.