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19 October 2021

FINAT Webinar Series 2021: Biobased, Compostable or Recyclable

Presented by Nicole Senn, Head of R&D at Artimelt AG.

Taking the responsibly about humans and nature lies in the DNA of artimelt AG. artimelt was founded in 2016 combining the hot melt competencies of Collano, nolax and emerell under one roof. The clear task is to create a centre of competence for hot melt adhesives. Hot melt as solvent-free technology is already ecological, but we at artimelt want to go further: Today we set a focus on sustainable products. Not only following market trends – we are additionally asking questions on the origin of raw materials, the lifecycle of hot melt containing good as well as the end of life scenario our products are facing. There is still confusion going on with the three concepts – bio-based, bio-degradable / compostable and recycling – in the market. The presentation will clarify the differences and highlight the difficulties as well as the chances we are facing as a speciality hot melt producer. Furthermore, we want to outline some of our projects in the different fields bio-based, bio-degradable / compostable and recyclable.