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25 October 2018

FINAT Webinar Series 2018: Recyclass – Guidance tool for design of packaging

Presented by Paolo Glerean of Plastic Recyclers Europe. Registration is free of charge and for FINAT members only.

Design determines whether packaging can be recycled. If you want to design environmentally-friendly packaging, Recyclass can teach you what is important. In just a few steps you can check the level of recyclability of your package by using “RecyClass”.

There is also advice on improving your package's design. Finally, you can have your package certified by an expert in case you want to use the Recyclass label in your marketing.

“RecyClass” consists of three elements:

  • An online tool,
  • an optional certification for a single package with regard to its recyclability,
  • a label which you can license after successful certification in order to use it for marketing purposes in connection with the certified package.

PRE created RecyClass with the aim of improving the design of packaging so that it is easily recyclable into high-quality recyclates which can then be used in a new plastic product. Far too much plastic is not fit for recycling and is hence destined only for energy recovery - the last but one option in the waste hierarchy pyramid. RecyClass is a free online tool which enables the assessment of virtually any plastic package regarding its recyclability.

The tool provides advice and recommendations on how to improve design in case the product scores rather poorly in the assessment. In the last steps of the evaluation, the product can be certified by an expert in order to use the RecyClass branding.

In FINAT’s webinar, Plastic Recyclers Europe will introduce the Recyclass tool and its functionality.


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