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13-03-24 - Harveer Singh Sahni

"Women adding glamour and professionalism to Labels and packaging!"

The label industry in India is largely male dominated. However, in an evolving scenario there happens to be a lot of efforts on women empowerment which depends on social status, education and upbringing. As literacy rises, the middle class is becoming more tolerant towards women taking up employment. Even the government is encouraging women to get educated and become self-sufficient. In the case of business and the forward-thinking families, more girls are going to universities and following it up with business management studies. The stigma of females to be just home makers after finishing basic education is now receding, at least in most urban societies. It is no more a taboo to let women assume leadership position. In fact, women are proving to be efficient, effective and resilient. They are empathetic, communicative and able to build loyal committed teams. They are more focused learners, able to multitask and hence successful. Surprising as it may seem, they are able to overcome gender bias. Label industry is no different, the author has interacted with some of the wonderful women in labels industry in India who have brought in professionalism making their workplaces more disciplined and vibrant, adding a touch of glamour by their presence.

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