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23-08-18 - Mark Macaré, FINAT

FINAT Public Affairs Blog #6

With a record-breaking summer and a mesmerizing World Cup behind us, regulatory activity is about to pick up again shortly!

Just before the holidays, the European Commission issued a new version of their Q&A document concerning the use of serialized labels in the EU falsified medicines directive. After the significant effort of FINAT and the national associations, the new version is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately, more work is needed to gain the approval of serialization by labels using all available means.

A long time coming, the new Directives under the new Circular Economy Package officially entered into force on the 4th of July. As a next step, the Commission will review the illustrative examples of packaging, including release paper of self-adhesive labels and wrapping papers. This topic is of major importance for our industry and our recycling initiatives, so we will be closely involved.

Part of the Circular Economy Package is the work being done by the European Commission on the Single Use Plastics Directive. FINAT has just received a draft LCA study comparing single-use plastic products and their alternatives and will consult our committees and members for feedback.

Meetings in July and August

6 August FINAT – CEFIC ESVOC meeting, The Hague
At this meeting, we discussed the developments of the BREF STS, the history of the ESVOC group and new possibilities for cooperation.

16 July, FINAT – ELSET telcon
A teleconference to discuss possible recycling solutions for members of the Greek self-adhesive label association.

Upcoming meetings in 2nd half of 2018

  • 18 September | The platform for downstream-users of chemicals in manufacturing industries (CheMI), Brussels

A meeting to discuss the latest developments in REACH, Biocides and other relevant regulation, focusing on the impact on downstream users. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend due to holidays.

  • 1 October | BREF STS teleconference

A call to discuss any actions needed before the release of the second draft of the upcoming BREF STS paper.

  • 1 October | European Recovered Paper Council, Brussels

The biannual group meeting to discuss progress on recycling activities, recycling statistics, and new EU legislation. With the new Circular Economy Package released, there should be plenty to discuss!

  • 8-9 October | TC (sub-)committee meeting, Milan

Halfyearly progress meeting of the various committees in Milan.

  • 25 October | RadTech Europe Food Packaging Seminar and possible UVFoodSafe meeting

An event focused on UV and EB curing for food packaging, with a presentation by FINAT President Chris Ellison.

  • 30-31 October | Sustainability in Packaging, Barcelona

An event focused on the latest trends in technology, business, and regulations concerning sustainable packaging, with more than 30 brands represented. FINAT will participate to spread the word on release liner recycling.

  • 21 November | The International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe, Environmental and Product Safety working groups, Paris

A halfyearly progress meeting to discuss developments in food safety and environmental regulation.

  • End of November | ESVOC BREF STS working group, Brussels

A meeting to prepare for the finalization of the BREF STS document in Seville in December.

  • 3-6 December | Paper and Plastics in contact with foodstuffs conference, Vienna

A conference highlighting the regulatory developments in food contact materials.

  • 10-14 December | BREF STS finalization meeting, Sevilla

A meeting to finalize the BREF STS document together with Member State representatives, the Joint Research Centre and industry representatives.