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10-01-22 - Jakovina van Haeringen

A New Year - New Resolutions and Opportunities

No-one can really predict the future, even though some say that the future is ours to make.

We can observe conditions, respond to changing circumstances, meet and overcome challenges and train ourselves to stay flexible in our approaches. But what really matters in creating the perfect conditions for ourselves and others, is to stay committed to values, strive for a continuous positive attitude and persevere in making our environment, be it at home or at work, as beautiful, inspirational and exciting as possible.

Over the last two years, the self-adhesive labelling industry has proven itself worthy in battling the hurdles caused by the pandemic and adapting to new ways of life and conducting business. We have not left the danger zone yet, but we remain optimistic that this year will again present new opportunities to excel in what we do as long as we stay focussed, committed and continue to work together.

As FINAT President Philippe Voet put it in his end-of-year blog, "FINAT is all about cross border collaboration, sharing knowledge and information on best practices, and bringing peers from the label community around the table to set aside their differences and join forces to secure our common future and that of our successors."

We at the FINAT secretariat invite you to join our resolution of close(r) cooperation.

We wish you memorable experiences with your peers and loved ones, new prospects, and success in your business.

We look forward to continue working with you and above all reuniting with you -if the circumstances allow it- at our upcoming live events:

  • 26-29 April: the FINAT stand (number tba) at Labelexpo Europe, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1-3 June: the European Label Forum, Baveno, Italy
  • 23-25 November: Technical Seminar, Barcelona, Spain

More information on these events will follow. See you soon.