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VIVA340 Aniflo Road trip in Germany and Italy

April 17 and 18 Codimag and its partners Chromos and Esko welcomed about 50 label printers in IST facility in Nürtingen near Stuttgart to present the latest achievement in multi-color process with Equinox on the Aniflo press.

After a warm welcome from the organizers, Klemens Ehrlitzer President of Vske, gave his overview of the label market global situation followed by Holger Ostermann, president of COE, introduction about color measurement.

The afternoon session was focused on Codimag and Esko cooperation on press stabilization for multi-color process. Codimag introduced the Aniflo, its innovative anilox offset system, and Esko the Equinox module for expended gamut printing. Being able to characterize and stabilize the print process allows an optimal use of color management tools such as Equinox. Results were illustrated on the Aniflo press with an astonishing 147 PMS printed at once without adjustment.

To prove the point, customer’s jobs where run live, to demonstrate the Aniflo/Equinox predictability and the Aniflo short set up time. “Eliminating variables and stabilizing the press have been Codimag targets since we started to develop the Aniflo concept. I believe that we have demonstrated the advantages for customers to integrate the Aniflo press into a digital work flow and match the proof right away on every job” said Pascal Duchêne President of Codimag.

After South Germany the next stop was Milan where Codimag, Esko and FDM welcomed about 40 printers on May 7-8. As in Germany the seminar was a mix of presentation on the Aniflo and Equinox multi color development followed by real life production of customer jobs on the VIVA340 Aniflo.