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Product Discontinuance Notice tesa® 7476

Test tape tesa® 7476 is used to test the silicone coating in the production of release paper and film materials according to FINAT FTM10.

Due to new toxicological evaluations by the ECHA, a component of tesa® 7476 is being reclassified in terms of its hazardousness. The classification has been changed to CMR1B “May impair fertility or harm the unborn child”. Due to the low content in our adhesive tape, there is no danger for the user from our point of view. tesa SE has an internal CMR guideline that states that no CMR 1a / 1b substances may be contained in its sales items. Since the health protection of our customers and our employees is very important to us, we would like to discontinue the production of this tape.

To ensure the product quality of release paper and film materials, we can offer you tesa® 50110 as an alternative product. We would like to point out that tesa® 50110 is not an official test tape but can be recommended for use in accordance with FTM 10.

We are committed to fulfilling all current orders for tesa® 7476. For the transition phase, we have built up an inventory for tesa® 7476 based on the usual demand. In addition, we offer a technical bulletin with some more background information and the results of the comparative measurements between tesa® 7476 and tesa® 50110.

You can order the technical bulletin via the e-mail address fpp@tesa.com.

With the alternative product tesa® 50110 and our well-known tesa® 7475, we are pleased to offer two REACH-compliant and reliable products for assessing release paper and film materials.

If you have any questions about the new tesa® 50110 or require further information, please contact your local tesa contact person or write to fpp@tesa.com.