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Overprint MIS: Powering Label & Packaging Workflows at Labelexpo

With the aim to help converters in achieving greater competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability while optimizing their business operations for the digital age, bel proudly introduces its latest innovations that leverage the power of technology, connectivity and machine learning.

One of the key features of Overprint MIS is its Cost Estimation tool, which provides a hybrid view of conventional and digital production environments. Leveraging a Machine Learning algorithm and historical data, the tool calculates and forecasts optimum production proposals, comparing costs across varying print quantities for each press technology. Additional features allow for accurate cost management, enabling users to review actual production costs and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, Overprint MIS optimizes production planning by displaying production tasks in one main view, along with calculated time estimations based on machine learning, parameterization, and manual data entry. The system's Machine Learning forecasting utilizes historical production data to provide the most accurate time estimations, constantly re-calculating to ensure optimized job prioritization and gain on preparation times regardless of last-minute changes.

By digitizing and connecting all areas of the business, Overprint MIS offers comprehensive, end-to-end production monitoring in a central access point. Automation of production steps and workflows ensures consistent and error-free processes, eliminating bottlenecks and human errors. The system's control points facilitate approval processes, job ticket management, and more, promoting streamlined operations.

Moreover, Overprint MIS incorporates improved materials management, traceability, and quality control features. It also integrates with IoT devices on the production floor, enabling real-time Floor Data Collection for valuable insights such as consumptions, idle times, and maintenance intervals. This streamlines data logging, reduces administrative tasks, and enhances productivity.

The Business Intelligence module within Overprint MIS consolidates and analyzes data from production stages, offering advanced analytics and meaningful metrics. Users gain a complete overview of the business, empowering timely and accurate decision-making while identifying trends and opportunities for improvement.

bel's commitment to seamless integration is evident through collaborations with industry-leading solution platforms and technology providers. Integrations with several ERP systems, and with Esko Automation Engine and Hybrid Cloudflow streamline process management and workflow automation.

Advanced integrations with press manufacturers will be unveiled (as recently announced with BOBST), such as real-time job ticket submission via JDF integration on a DFE and incorporating inspection reports from other systems into the job ticket. These advancements aim to drive production and ensure comprehensive quality assurance.

“The latest developments are designed to enhance connectivity in hybrid environments, unlocking seamless workflow integration while boosting efficiency, automation, and productivity. With Overprint MIS, converters can confidently navigate the challenges of the modern landscape, maximizing their potential and thriving in the digital era,” says Yiannis Katis, CEO of bel. “This will be a landmark show for bel, setting the stage for the future direction of Overprint MIS.”

Visitors can find bel on booth 9A15 (Hall 9) and on BOBST’s booth 3A58 (Hall 3) during Labelexpo Europe 2023 to witness these advancements firsthand.  

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