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Opportunities for a traditional label printer in the digital world

Let’s face it. Labels will be digital. Not the print – the label!

That’s what we believe. Maybe not all labels but definitely more than we as a traditional label printer like and expect. As part of this group you basically have two choices: Either you join the “print is not dead” group and try to survive in the old world as long as possible - or you start accepting the new world and try to be part of the digital transformation.

Today there is a technology available where digital labels build upon traditional, printed ones. Digital and print literally merge together. This technology is called Augmented Reality and it makes use of the smartphone as a carrier of digital information. We believe this is the ancestor of a real digitalized label. That’s why we have developed our own Augmented Reality App LABELinmotion and are offering the development of a digital label experience to our customers now – as a traditional label printer.

This means, that we had to learn and understand the development and user experience of a new technology that is about to replace what our company did for the last 98 years. We had to find our own way to guide our customers through innovative processes and position ourselves as being more than a label printer.

For us, offering SMART labels was not a big technical challenge. It was and still is a challenge of changing the mindset of our company, our employees and that of our customers. Let’s look at these challenges together and talk about corporate culture. Let’s also look at the first LABELinmotion live projects and see if it really endangers a printed label. Let’s discuss your view on digitalization of labels and challenge each other’s perspectives.

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