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Nilpeter brings two new machines, and bags 18 orders at the show

Nilpeter, one of the leading manufacturer of flexo presses, has announced the launch of FB-3 flexo press at Labelexpo Europe. With a top speed of 228m/min and a web width of up to 350mm without compromising on print quality, Nilpeter claims that the FB-3 provides “maximum flexibility and enhanced functionality”.

The company also announced that it has garnered 18 orders till the first half of day four of the show and expects to close the tally at 20.

Alan Baretto, managing director at Nilpeter India, said, “The FB-3 remains competitive over a wide range of run lengths, including short runs. For example, the short web path allows fast job changeovers with minimum start-up waste.”

FB-3’s printing units include five servo systems to automate all adjustments for saving, loading and changing jobs, as well as job pre-setting, impression settings, and side register load. The dual axis servo transport system is capable of high levels of print reproduction and precise registration and these features reinforces Nilpeter’s mantra – Next, your challenge our commitment. “The FB3 is a completely new machine and we look at this as a fantastic alternative to printing high quality, giving the users of FB3 a competitive and taking them to the next level,” said Manish Kapoor, sales manager at Nilpeter India.

The other machine the FA-4* is another development from Nilpeter. The machine two features, which are not specific to this machine, but can be fitted on any other models, are FP-4 (flat processing), which does hot foiling and embossing. “This one is unique and will not find anything like this on the show,” said Baretto, adding, , “The other thing about the machine is that every part of the machine is manufactured by Nilpeter. The frame is machined in one piece and machine as one unit. Its inherent accuracy is all derived at the factory itself.”

According to the Baretto, this gives FB-4*’s the stability to punch 300 strokes per minute, foiling at 60 mtrs/min and die-cutting at 100mtrs/min, making it one of the most robust machine Nilpeter has produced so far. “Besides, the Quick Change Die, can change the die in 10 seconds. Just push one in, and the other one comes out. The die-change is the maximum time consuming operation, but here it is done on the fly.”

Kapoor adds, “While the FB-3 can do much more than labels, it is ideally suited for labellers who have a segmentation of say, 60% labels and 40% flexible like shrink sleeves and unsupported film business; the FA4* is for labellers whose 75% business flexible packaging and balance is labels. It does not mean that people who are doing 100% labels cannot opt for this press, but it depends on where you are as a convertor in the whole ball game.