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Needle-Trap Wins in China

Schreiner Group based in Oberschleissheim (Germany) has previously received numerous national and international awards for Schreiner MediPharm’s Needle-Trap. Now the innovative needle protection system has won recognition for the first time also in the Middle Kingdom: In the competition of the Chinese packaging and printing industry association, it was selected for a Gold Award in the “Labels” category.

The China Packaging Federation (CPF) and the Pharmaceutical Packaging Printing Committee of the China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA) have been organizing the competition since 2014. Divided into various categories such as food and semi-luxury food packaging, soft packaging and labels, the product entries are evaluated under the aspects of outstanding design, technical innovation, printing technology and printing quality. In the “Labels” category, Needle-Trap won a first price in the competition.

The awards ceremony took place in September as part of the “Suzhou Dialogue” event in Suzhou (Jiangsu province, west of Shanghai). This annual conference is organized by the CNPPA. Jamie Long, General Manager of Schreiner Group at the company’s Chinese location in Fengpu near Shanghai, accepted the prize: “‘Made in Germany’ is highly valued in our country because German products have a reputation of trustworthiness and reliable performance. I’m very proud that Needle-Trap, which was developed at our German headquarters more than ten years ago, has won in a Chinese competition.”

Needle-Trap is a unique, active needle protection system for prefilled syringes. It consists of a label-integrated needle trap that secures the syringe needle after an injection. This mechanism helps prevent accidental needlestick injuries. More than 1 billion Needle-Traps have been produced since the product’s market launch in 2009. It is used for prefilled syringes by renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.