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Keys to create connections with future talents

I have been working in Talent Acquisition since 2002 and I can definitely say I’m a bit nut for the topic. Having managed several branche offices of recruitment agencies, setting up recruitment strategies for several difficult to recruit target groups in different industries and now being globally responsible for the Employer Brand of Danone, I can’t wait and share some of my insights with you all in Copenhagen.

If your industry doesn’t necessarily work as a magnet for top talent and new generations, if your company name doesn’t ring a bell, since you’re not a consumer brand, you have your work cut out for you in terms of stories you need to start telling.

I would like to use the session to take you through the different steps from setting up to executing your recruitment strategy. There definitely are advantages smaller organizations could have in terms of speed, openness, and authenticity, where most of the actual heavy lifting can be used for the actual execution. And don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, but it’s far from a quick fix.

Happy to share very concrete examples, anecdotes, and recommendations to help you recruit the right talent for your organizations.

See you then!

Koos Wurzer, currently working for Danone, is the first speaker of the third track: Connecting with our target audience. Make sure not to miss his talk and register today!

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