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Grafotronic News Labelexpo Europe

The new updated DCL2 which is a fully modular digital finishing machine. The machine includes the new designed laser die cutting module in cooperation with Spartanics. The whole concept is future safe which means that each module works independently and the machine is fully upgradeable with any modules in the future.

The new CF2 which is a high end finishing machine but with a smaller footprint. The machine has all the features a modern print house needs and it can still be upgraded with more modules.

The SCF is designed as an entry level machine with a smart and economical design. High speed finishing with an extreme compact and easy to use design.

Grafotronic will also show 3 new models with inspection solutions.

The New PHARMA2 is a 100 % re-inspection machine for pharma and security labels. The compact machine has a high speed linear servo buffer that allows re-inspection in 105 m/min. Ink-jet numbering with separate inspection system and automatic set up of tensions and slitting systems makes the machine one of the most high tech in the industry.

Two new HI2 machines for 100% inspection and high speed slitting will be shown. A new high speed version with 500 meter/min has been designed to meet the increasing demand of film and sleeve converting. The HI2 has a modern design with an innovative web path integrated inside the machine.

All machines will be equipped with the latest innovations in automatization with a focus on increased uptime and a non stop production.