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Flint adds UV cold foil adhesive for sheet-fed printing

Flint Group has introduced UltraCURA Bond, a new UV adhesive product designed to maximize the performance and aesthetics of cold foil technology for sheet-fed printing.

Flint Group described the use of foil to create brilliant, eye catching aesthetics as a ‘hot trend’, in both packaging and commercial applications, with cold foil technology paving the way for printers and converters to apply foil in-line on nearly any substrate at a much lower expense than hot foil applications. However, it continued, the aesthetics achievable in the cold foil process have traditionally been limited by the performance of the adhesives available.

UltraCURA Bond meets customer demands for fast cure and clean, sharp lines and edges of the foil areas, and provides exceptional lithographic performance, Flint Group said, for ease of use and smooth lay, resulting in high brilliance with the foil.

‘The commitment to provide innovative solutions to our customers goes beyond inks and coatings,’ commented Tyler Newsom, product manager for sheet-fed packaging in North America at Flint Group. ‘UltraCURA Bond is yet another example of Flint Group’s relentless effort to stay ahead of industry trends that are being adopted by our customers, such as UV cold foil.’

Michael B. King, president and CEO of Eagle Systems, a manufacturer of cold foil machines, highlighted the lay down characteristics of UltraCURA Bond.

‘It was so sharp and crisp. I said to the pressman, “if it grabs foil like it prints, we have a winner”. Well, it did, and with the smooth lay down the shine was quite high.’

UltraCURA Bond is commercially available immediately in toned, clear and low migration technologies.