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FINAT Label Competition 2014 Winners again!

Not one, not two, or three ...
…But five distinctions - a Category Award and four Highly Commended certificates – were given to our company in the "FINAT International Labelling Competition 2014" and as natural, our joy is indescribable.

CABAS is the only Hellenic company to receive a Category Award, for the third consecutive year, in an international competition with entries from around the world, where labels are awarded for their overall quality. It must be noted that the award giving criteria - established by the International Organization FINAT (World-wide Association for Self-Adhesive Labels and Related Products) - concentrate on the method of production and final quality, and the judges are all distinguished professionals of the label industry.

The results of the competition were announced during the annual conference of FINAT that took place in Monaco on June 2014.

It is a great honor to see that all the work we put in daily and the values we uphold with pride, are eventually recognized. However, all distinctions are more rewarding, as they constitute a recognition of our customers’ trust to our common values, our common passion for our works and our daily efforts to produce unique quality products.

The labels that have been awarded are:

In a land rich in geological diversity and biodiversity, in Chania of Crete, the company Rhyton combines the unique natural beauty and traditional beekeeping practices and offers a honey with a distinctive flavor and high nutritional value.

The design of the label depicts the collection of pollen from the flowers and nectar from deep within the calyx of the flower. The creative part of the label belongs to Michael Arkopoulos (Art direction) and the Greek illustrator Alexi Markou (Illustration).

An assortment of wines by Domaine Messenicolas - white, rosé and red dry - from the harvest of 2013, from Malagouzia, Muscat Hamburg and Limniona varieties, cultivated in the grapevine valley of Mesenikola in Karditsa.

A series of labels that depicts the HAPPY CRAZE associated with wine consumption, through the humorous and care-free characters created by artist Andreas Boukas and label designers of the BrandHouse agency.

HIGHLY COMMENDED in Sets of Labels
A series of three PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from Sitia Lassithi, Peza Heraklion and Kalamata, each with a distinctive, unique aroma and aftertaste that refers to their place of origin.

ILIADA product line, by the Messinian company AGROVIM, includes several more products of excellent quality, with unique labels designed by Mousegraphics.

In the estate of Nikolas Daskalantonakis, Agrecofarm in Rethymno, Crete, the most exquisite products are cultivated, to produce local delicacies in a limited amount.
Artichoke Paste is one of these genuine Cretan products, with a label dominated by a Hellenic identity, designed by the creative department of N. Daskalantonakis Group – GRECOTEL.

HIGHLY COMMENDED in Rotary Letterpress
39th Parallel is a company based in Santiago, Chile, which engages in the promotion of Hellenic Gastronomy in Latin America. The creative combination of rich tradition and innovation introduces “one of a kind” products.

The “raspberry marmelade with ouzo” is a distinctive jam, which combines two quite different components but nevertheless very tasty. The label is designed by the creative team of Foodwill agency.