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Cosmo Films launches Low Noise Tape Film

Cosmo Films, a leading manufacturer of speciality BOPP films recently announced the launch of a low noise tape film, used in making of low noise tapes. The BOPP based low noise tape film with a proprietary release surface treatment enables easy release and generates low noise on unwinding. This feature becomes extremely significant in industrial settings where multiple packing lines work in tandem and auto dispensing machines are installed and packing takes place at relatively higher speeds. In most developed countries, factory guidelines require manufacturers to adhere to low decibel levels and therefore low noise tapes become significantly relevant.

The low noise tape film also take significantly less release force as compared to a normal tape film. The film can easily take up any adhesive be it water based, solvent based, rubber based or hot melt type. The value added tape film does not come at a significant incremental cost and therefore is easier to switch to. In most of the tape applications, printing on the film takes place on the other side of the release coating. However, the release side could also be made printable.

Commenting on the development, Mr. S. Satish, Global Head- Sales & Marketing said, “We had devised the film for one of our tape customers. However, we see huge potential for the film going forward as we see this feature as a great value add. The product is available in clear and ultra-clear varieties and could be made available in different microns.”