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Codimag at Labelexpo Europe 2013


During the 4 days of Labelexpo Europe, Codimag invited customers to drop files on their WebCenter to do live print test during the show.
This operation has proven to be very successful as a total of 16 customer print tests were run during the show, with a total of 35 labels. Some of them were run as individual labels, while others were put together on a testform with up to 7 different labels. Including the standard Codimag jobs, we have set-up on press 31 jobs during the show, and 13 colour changes.

All those jobs were converted into a CMYKOGV Equinox press profile, and run on a 6-color press using a combination of OG, OV or GV as additional colors. A total of 69 PMS spot colors have been converted. Live color changes were made on a few minutes to show how easy it can be achieved on the Aniflo.

“This AnifloLive operation is the great opportunity for us to show the press flexibility in production. Plate making is very fast and very cheap. Then the job set-up took less than 15 minutes and around 30 meters of material, so customers can really appreciate quick make-ready, and evaluate the print results. Each job was put on press and the customer was given a color proof to check the result under a controlled light environment. I believe that many of them have been impressed with our AnifloLive operation.”, states Pascal Duchêne, President of Codimag. “We can consider that we really are a digital technology, as no other conventional press technology could possibly offer that demo option”.