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Call to Label Printers to Partner with the #LABELicious Competition

Two weeks ago, the 2020 edition of FINAT's #LABELicious competition went live with a new brief and an invitation to students in packaging and graphic design schools across Europe to get ready to show their skills and talent in designing innovative labels and packaging.

Short explanation of the brief

HUMANDATE, a new and innovative manufacturer of sustainable consumer products, will be launching their new brand line GENERGISE® offering products to empower senior consumers and support their health and wellness. For the full brief click here.


The focus this year will be on national competitions in Europe, where FINAT will help label printers and educational institutes to work together on a country level. We have already a number of interested educational institutes.

Interested label printers can contact FINAT (info@finat.com) to learn about the possibilities to be a partner of this competition in their own country.

For more information about the competition click here.