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Bobst demonstrates compliant UV flexible pack printing

Bobst Firenza – the company formerly known as Nuova Gidue before its acquisition by Bobst Group – launched at Labelexpo the full ‘Revo’ UV flexo Digital Flexo platform.

In a demonstration, plates were produced live, then jobs printed using a seven extended color gamut on Bobst M4 and M6 UV flexo presses.

The M6 press demonstration involved the changing of plate cylinders directly on the press, with the next job automatically identified by the on-press cameras, followed by automated pressure and register setting, so the next job was printed sequentially without stopping the press.

Also new was a semi-rotary die station allowing the automatic loading and mounting of a magnetic die on a common sized cylinder. Full rotary die mode is also available.

The press was shown printing flexible packaging with low migration Flint UV flexo inks, with a new system designed to measure the dose of UV emitted at each print station – allowing the final buyer to be given a certificate of compliance for the whole roll.

A full report will appear in the next edition of Labels & Labeling.