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bel announces integration with BOBST at Labelexpo Europe 2023

bel shares the news of a momentous integration of Overprint MIS with BOBST, one of the world’s leading supplier of equipment for labels and flexible packaging production, which will be unveiled during Labelexpo Europe 2023, featuring advancements that aim to drive production and ensure comprehensive quality assurance.

These advancements are announced below:

  1. Overprint’s Cost Estimation tool is ready to provide a hybrid view of calculating and forecasting optimum production proposals across varying print quantities and different print & embellishing technologies, easily facilitating accurate cost estimations & resources management. The tool is capable of synchronously managing the DIGITAL MASTER series, as well as all flexo presses on BOBST’S portfolio. This makes for an efficient conventional vs digital comparison, as well as any technology – considering all shop floor equipment, including embellishment options.
  2. Another touch point of the integration is the real-time job ticket submission via JDF on BOBST’s DFE automating the print production workflow, reducing time to production, and allowing precise transfer of job details. Streamlining the print production workflow via JDF simplifies the process of managing complex print jobs, i.e. with multi-layer labels, and allows the converter to efficiently handle large volumes of work. Via real-time JDF submission, production is driven through Overprint MIS, which acts as the core management system of the business, across all shop floor equipment and devices.
  3. Inspection reports from BOBST’s ACCUCHECK are now incorporated into the job ticket on the MIS, bringing quality control of the production output available to the users of the MIS throughout the whole manufacturing process. This Overprint feature ensures comprehensive quality assurance.
  4. Integration of bel’s IoT devices on the production floor, enable real-time Floor Data Collection for valuable insights such as consumptions, idle times, and maintenance intervals. Connecting all traditional equipment next to the BOBST CONNECT digital platform, serving data management both now and into the future, makes for an end-to-end sustainable solution.

Leveraging advanced technology, connectivity, and machine learning, Overprint powers labels & packaging workflows to boost competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in the digital era of label production.

bel will be present at booth 9A15 (Hall 9) and at BOBST’s booth 3A58 (Hall 3) during Labelexpo Europe 2023.  

Visitors can register on this link to unlock a personalized presentation that caters to their specific needs and interests.