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AWA Conferences & Events launches AWAVirtual™ In-Mold Technology Industry Platform

AWA Alexander Watson Associates launches AWAVirtual™ In-Mold Technology Industry Platform, as part of its AWA Conferences & Events business -- a virtual platform for the In-Mold Labeling, Decorating and Electronics industry, complementing the company’s long-established and respected IMLCON™, IMDCON™, and IMECON™ physical in-person conference.

In 2020 IMLCON™, IMDCON™ and IMECON™ was pivoted to an AWAVirtual™ event with over 400 participants worldwide. In 2021 IMLCON™, IMDCON™ and IMECON™ will again be held as an AWAVirtual™ Event on May 25th, 26th and 27th, as the core feature of the AWAVirtual™ In-Mold Technology Industry Platform 2021.

Strategic initiative

“AWAVirtual™ In-Mold Technology Industry Platform has been launched to provide the in-mold industry, across the value chain, with an ongoing live virtual platform committed to the development and growth of in-mold technologies and markets”, says Corey Reardon, President & CEO of AWA. The AWAVirtual™ In-Mold Technology Industry Platform is set up to increase the profile of in-mold labeling, in-mold decoration, and in-mold electronics worldwide, as well as to provide ongoing market, technical, informational and training content to the entire value chain, including suppliers, converters, brand owners and designers.

According to Francesco Ticca, Conferences & Events Manager, “This platform will have virtual content scheduled throughout the year, and be open and promoted to the entire value chain with Sponsors virtual exhibits available continuously”. Part of the content will be the IMLCON™, IMDCON™ and IMECON™ event, but will also include other content throughout the year such as virtual seminars, workshops, training and panel discussions, all dedicated and focused on In-mold technologies and markets. “This initiative does not preclude AWA organizing its IMLCON™, IMDCON™, and IMECON™ Conference as a physical in-person event in the future’, says Mr Reardon.