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Avery Dennison's new Clearcut™ adhesive technology pushes ‘thin’ to new limits and delivers new benefits

Avery Dennison has introduced a new adhesive technology which combined with BOPP and MDO films resets the boundaries of what thin label materials can achieve. Label converters using film materials with ClearCut™ adhesives can now simultaneously improve sustainability and productivity while retaining all-important shelf appeal.

“Conventional ‘thin’ materials have always posed a number of production challenges, including ooze, dispensing and wet-out,” says Tina Hannan, director, films, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “Converters are actively seeking more robust ‘thin’ operations, not only to reduce waste levels and increase savings, but also to ensure higher dispensing accuracy and less downtime for equipment cleaning. ClearCut products deliver these benefits.”

The film portfolio with ClearCut adhesive technology includes BOPP and Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) films. The materials deliver reliable high-speed conversion and straightforward dispensing. The adhesives S7000, S7400 and S7450 also have a longer ‘open’ time, giving more time to re-work any misapplied labels. They are available in clear, white and metalized face stocks on PET liners that minimise line disruptions.

For many squeezable containers, semi-conformable Global MDO film is a good choice because it dispenses without wrinkles or peeling. Improvements to ‘no label’ applications are also obvious – Global MDO gives a 30% haze improvement compared with PE85, and a 100% water whitening resistance improvement compared with standard emulsion adhesives.

BOPP materials are suitable for more rigid containers, giving good converting and dispensing performance with thinner materials.

Sustainability improvements from the ClearCut range of adhesives are also substantial, as shown by an Avery Dennison™ GreenPrint analysis. For example, if Global MDO was used to replace all current conventional PE85 consumption, the annual savings would include 3,444 tons of CO2 (equivalent to 675 cars), 1,225 trees, 6,943 barrels of oil and 1,559 tons of solid waste (equivalent to 690 households). Global MDO also provides up to 50% more labels per roll, giving very practical productivity benefits.