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Avery Dennison Turnlock™ laminating system protects graphics using only one roll

Avery Dennison is introducing its TurnLock™ Laminating System in Europe at Labelexpo 2013. A patent-pending technology, Turnlock allows converters to protect graphics using a single roll, consuming 30 per cent less material and at 25 per cent higher operational efficiencies. The system eliminates the need for an over-laminate or transfer tape.

“Using standard print techniques and a turn bar, this system fundamentally changes how converters can print and protect durable goods graphics more easily,” says Marco Fermo, durables segment director, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “This technology makes it possible to replace two rolls with a single roll, while retaining the same high levels of graffiti resistance and scuff protection. This means faster changeovers, improved splicing, reduced inventory and less waste. Turnlock eliminates common over-lamination failures such as improper lamination tension or lifting of the over-laminate. Cost savings are also substantial, so it is not surprising that converters are beginning to proactively suggest this new material to existing customers.”

The TurnLock Laminating System uses four key steps to protect graphics, using a single roll rather than two rolls. Images and text are first reverse printed on a clear, self-adhesive, 2mm polyester film face stock. This printed face stock is then de-laminated and webbed upwards toward the turn bar, with the adhesive/liner following a different, lower path. At the turn bar the face stock is flipped, so that the reverse print has a positive orientation. Finally, the face stock is re-laminated with the adhesive/liner.

Two product specifications are available for use in the TurnLock Laminating System, each with different pattern coats, and converters can produce white, black and metalized PET colours while on press.