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Avery Dennison creates a more cost-effective solution for re-sealable wet wipes

Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials today introduced a new adhesive that brings important benefits to high-performance re-sealable packaging for home and personal care products.

The adhesive, R1490M, was designed specifically for the re-seal market, and suits a very wide range of ‘wet wipe’ applications such as baby, facial and household wipes. In particular, it offers great moisture and solvent resistance for up to 60 opens/closures, along with clean removability from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) substrates.

“Requirements of ‘wet wipe’ products extend well beyond the need for multiple opens and reclosures,” said Jasper Zonnenberg, director, Specialties Europe, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials. “Brand image is also critical, and this adhesive gives a good ‘feel’, with a smooth and quiet peel across many surface types.”

Zonnenberg noted that cost is a key issue for many home and personal care applications, which can place very high demands on any reclosure label and its adhesive. "With R1490M, consumers can experience the high packaging quality needed for everyday use, but at lower production costs,” he said. “This can help increase margins and even create new packaging opportunities for existing products."
Available with a wide range of filmic facestocks, R1490M ensures that a new and more cost-effective choice is now available to home and personal care brands. The adhesive also carries BfR XIV food approval for dry, non-fatty and fatty foodstuffs, with a reduction factor of 5.

R1490M is one of recent ‘next generation’ adhesives developed by Avery Dennison to transform labelling costs and performance. Products using the adhesive are also available with a special gum pattern on 2-metre widths.