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Adhesive Plates for E-Scooters from Schreiner PrinTrust

Electric scooters are experiencing a veritable boom in Asia, the United States and now also in Europe. However, in order to be street-legal, Germany requires insurance stickers for e-scooters. Schreiner PrinTrust offers the right solution for this requirement: an adhesive plate as proof of insurance.

In many countries, electric scooters have already been traveling the streets for some time as a practical electric mobility alternative. Germany has recently joined the countries allowing the use of e-scooters with handlebars for zipping through town in line with the growing trend toward micromobility, going forward. Micromobility refers to practical, flexible and largely electric micro vehicles that are used for the so-called “last mile” of a commute both in the city and in the countryside. Micro electric vehicles are subject to a speed limit but require no operator’s license. Consequently, e-scooters reach a large target group and provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to vehicles requiring a license.

Stickers instead of Metal Plates as Proof of Insurance

To be street-legal, in Germany the vehicles require a number plate. However, unlike number plates on cars, on micro electric vehicles they do not represent a classic form of registration but provide proof of insurance, like on small mopeds. The plate consists of three numbers and three letters.

The small plate has to be visibly applied to the rear of the e-scooter. Because these small vehicles of various designs often lack sufficient space for conventional metal plates, Schreiner PrinTrust was commissioned by insurance services provider GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH to develop a practical adhesive plate. Applied to the exterior of the vehicle, the sticker combines long life with ruggedness. Integrated security features enable its authentication.