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A Prizewinning Product with a Prizewinning Label
31 October 2014

Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey is a winner on two different fronts: as a first-quality speciality gastronomic product, and as an outstanding example of how to label and pack...

A Label is a Complex Technical Construction
28 August 2014

Delivering a ‘label’ is not just a matter of printing it. It involves a complex value chain that also spans the material to be printed and the machinery to a...


16/4 - 18/4
11/6 - 13/6
The European Label Forum 2015
1 Day
Training for the future with #Label Academy via @FINATcom http://t.co/XKVC9V5JpW
20 Days
Training for the future - A blog by Mike Fairley on the Label Academy http://t.co/aeiMca3FwG
26 Days
A Prizewinning Product with a Prizewinning Label http://t.co/cJb9SDPhrm
27 Days
Did you already hear about the new edition of the FINAT Technical Handbook? http://t.co/Bgm5vlRPOj