FINAT (guest) membership

More information on how to become a guest or permanent member and what categories and fees FINAT has.

If your company is manufacturing self-adhesive labels and related products or supplying raw materials or equipment used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels and related products, you are eligible for a FINAT membership. The only thing you need to do is to fill in the online application form. In case of no objections from the current FINAT members, your membership will be confirmed within one month's time.

Don't stay on the outside, join us now.

Free trial guest membership

If you first want to get a real hands-on idea of the benefits of a FINAT membership, you can sign up for a free guest membership for three months. Please note that this guest membership is only for potential category A, B, or C members within the European label industry (see below). This trial guest membership entitles you to all the benefits, with an exception of access to the FINAT Technical Handbook. A buddy from one of the FINAT committees will be assigned to you to guide you through the membership’ benefits and to introduce you to the biggest network in the label industry by accompanying you as a member at one of the FINAT events. After a 30-day acceptance period by all FINAT member companies, your guest membership will be active for three months after which you may decide to become an official FINAT member. Read our full press release here.

To apply for a guest membership click here.

Membership categories

Ordinary members

Category A: Label manufacturers
Category B: Manufacturers of self-adhesive materials, presses, inks, dies, application machinery, auxiliary equipment and materials

In these two categories, membership can apply for individual plants but also groups of companies (representatives of all labelling plants belonging to a member group will be eligible for the same membership rights).

Extraordinary members

Category C: Manufacturers of papers, films, foils, adhesives, silicones, release liners, coating equipment, service providers
Category D: National associations of label manufacturers, institutes, information media, academia
Category E: Honorary members, elected by the General Assembly, following a Board proposal. Election is for an indefinite period

Membership fees

The membership fees are based on the member category and the annual turnover.

Category A: Turnover up to € 2,5 mln € 350
Turnover € 2,5 mln till € 12,5 mln € 695
Turnover € 12,5 mln till € 50 mln € 1380
Turnover € 50 mln and more € 2300
Category B: Turnover up to € 5 mln € 1030
Turnover € 5 mln till € 25 mln € 2065
Turnover € 25 mln till € 50 mln € 4125
Turnover € 50 mln and more € 6875
Category C: € 2065
Category D; no charge
Category E: no charge

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