FINAT Young Managers Club

If you are a first generation founder, second or third generation owner or manager below the age of 40, active in the label industry and you would like to take the opportunity to exchange experiences, initiate common projects, participate on exchange programmes focused on topics like succession, leadership, intercultural management, lean management, innovation etc., do not hesitate to join the new platform created for the next generation of label industry leaders, the Young Managers Club!

Each year, the YMC organizes various events especially for young managers (younger than 40) in the label industry. Highlight is their yearly global congress with a programme including a company visit, interactive presentations and workshops. See reports on previous events below. For upcoming events, view the event calendar on this website.

One of our Board members wrote an interesting article on the industry's challenge of attracting a new generation into printing (under downloads in right side menu) or watch the video below to get a better idea of the YMC events and projects.