The Young Managers Club (YMC) helps develop emerging management talent. It is a run by a separate Board (see below). The group was created in 2008 to meet an increasing demand from up-and-coming managers from small to medium sized, and often family-run enterprises, who desire to gain a wider experience within their normal working environment necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow, and at the same time expand their knowledge of self-adhesive labels. By providing educational and vocational opportunities the ‘YMC’ is able to meet their wishes. Forums, plant visits, management trainings and even work experience exchange visits are being organized to give its members the information they need.

FINAT YMC Board welcomes new blood

With the new FINAT brand, the changing face of the future, and actively pursuing the business of attracting new talent to our industry, it was also time to strengthen the successful Young Managers Club. Meet the new members of the FINAT YMC Board:

FINAT YMC Board members

Mikaela Harding

Pulse Roll Label Products

Committee member

Chris Jones


YMC President

Rainer Ulrich

Securikett Ulrich & Horn

Committee member

Matthias Vollherbst

Vollherbst Druck GmbH

Committee member

Bart van Kempen

SPGPrints B.V.

Committee member