FINAT Recycling Awards

FINAT has held three successful recycling awards competitions to recognize efforts by converters and end-users alike, and raise awareness for the available liner recycling solutions.

Does your company have its paper and/or filmic release liners recycled? Then apply in our Recycling Awards Competition and be recognized for taking steps to lower your environmental impact and giving a second life to these valuable resources!

What can I win?

In addition to the recognition for your efforts, winners will be offered a trophy and a certificate, as well as an article in a leading label magazine and an interview in the FINAT news and on the FINAT website. Honourable mentions in each category will receive coverage in our Congress Report and recycling article, as well as the FINAT website.

How do I apply?

The Recycling Awards Competition has two categories:

  1. Initiatives from self-adhesive label end-users
  2. Initiatives from self-adhesive label converters

Registration is currently closed.


All entries will be judged by an independent panel consisting of representatives from INGEDE (the International Association of the Deinking Industry) and EPRO (the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations). The jury panel will be chaired by Jacques van Leeuwen, former recycling consultant of FINAT and industry vet-eran in the field of release liner recycling.


Eligible projects will be evaluated based on a comprehensive set of criteria, divided in three categories:

  1. Achievements (volume and percentage recycled) - How much liner (in volume and percentage) does the company recycle? Is this traceable? Does the company recycle other secondary label materials?
  2. Communication and promotion - Is the company actively involved in the promotion of release liner recycling? Is the company making efforts to encourage partners/customers to engage in recycling?
  3. Innovation / opening of new markets - Is the company using a new/innovative approach to logistics or recycling ? Is the company representing a new end-user market for liner recycling?

Click here to download the competition rules.


All entries must be submitted online. Entry is open to all label converters and end-users which have a programme in place to recycle their release liners. Recycling volumes will be used in judging the initiatives.

For more information, please contact the FINAT’s recycling manager, Mark Macaré, at +31-70-3123910 or


2016 FINAT Recycling Award Winners Honoured

Recycling has been a major focus within the international label industry association FINAT for a number of years. For the third year running, FINAT has rewarded exceptional achievement in this arena via a focussed competition, the FINAT Recycling Awards. UK cider makers Brothers Drinks and German label printers Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck are the headliners in the 2016 FINAT Recycling Awards, presented by the international self-adhesive label association during their European Label Forum in Amsterdam in June. Conceived as a way to increase visibility of the industry’s sustainability profile and, in parallel, the increasing recycling opportunities for label waste – particularly spent release liner – the competition rewards both label printers’ and brand owners’ outstanding initiatives.

FINAT reveals 2015 Recycling Award Winners

Helf Etiketten and Bel Leerdammer Cheese recognized for paper and film release liner recycling. Both winners were honoured during an awards ceremony at the recent European Label Forum in Amsterdam.
FINAT recycling consultant Jacques van Leeuwen chaired the jury, supported by Andreas Faul of INGEDE (Paper deinking industry) and Peter Sundt of EPRO (the European organisation of plastics recycling). "The second edition of our Recycling awards saw another strong field of contestants, with a number of returning participants putting in even stronger performances. We congratulate both winners and the other contenders with their accomplishments and look forward to the next edition of the FINAT recycling awards competition in 2016," commented Van Leeuwen. Read more.

FINAT Announces Winners of First Recycling Awards Competition 2014

Hagmaier Etiketten and Unilever recycling efforts honoured at congress.

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