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  • 21 January 2021 Tetraglyme solvent in SVHC list

    Solvent tetraglyme is added to the SVHC list by ECHA

    reach Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 21 January 2021 UK food contact materials authorization guide

    UK guidance for FCM authorization released: EU-authorized FCM substances kept, new authorizations to take up to 15 months.

    food-contact-materials | brexit Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 22 December 2020 Roadmap public consultation on FCM policy

    The European Commission started a public consultation for the revision of the FCM legislation, open until January 29, 2021.

    food-contact-materials Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 10 December 2020 Chemical Recycling: State of Play report

    A report published by ChemTrust highlights issues with chemical recycling to become a solution for plastic waste

    recycling Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 10 December 2020 Glass Hallmark logo for recyclable glass packaging

    The European Container Glass Federation developed a logo to encourage the use of glass containers as sustainable packaging, available with a free license.

    sustainability | recycling Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 10 December 2020 REACH pre-registration for polymers likely

    Polymer pre-registration is likely to become mandatory, with authorities and NGOs favouring the additional provision of some data to help prioritize polymers of concern

    reach Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 25 November 2020 ECHA updates advice on Brexit

    Updated version of ECHA guidances on Brexit for UK companies.

    reach | brexit Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 24 November 2020 European Council on Farm-to-Fork: harmonize FCM rules, mandatory declaration of compliance

    The EU Council published a set of conclusions on the Farm-to-Fork Strategy, encouraging the harmonization of FCM rules and calling for a mandatory declaration of compliance for all...

    food-contact-materials Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 24 November 2020 Circular Plastic Alliance: first actions

    The first deliverables of the Circular Plastics Alliance were released: a work plan on design-for-recycling of plastic products, and state-of-play on collected and sorted plastic waste,...

    recycling | circular-economy Sustainability & Regulations news  
  • 24 November 2020 LCA of single-use beverage packaging materials

    Life cycle analysis of beverage materials revealed highest environmental impact for glass bottles; lowest impact for recycled aluminium containers for pressurized drinks, Tetra Paks...

    life-cycle-assessment | recycling Sustainability & Regulations news  
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