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Smart packaging: a sea of opportunities, arriving in waves

Too often, packaging remains a secondary consideration for manufacturers, brands, and retailers. However, this traditional industry is about to be disrupted.

Businesses are looking at packaging as a possible holistic solution to transform the way they deliver, sell and use products. As sensor prices continue to fall, market leaders across industries are embracing connected smart packaging applications that generate and leverage data to make better business decisions. Currently, simple barcoding and RFIDs are used increasingly for tracking and tracing package locations in the supply chain. Connected packaging, however, which can communicate with other packages over the internet, is still a relatively untapped opportunity.

Join us as Tim Paridaens, global chief Internet of Things architect at Deloitte Consulting, shares his exciting insights on how businesses are using smart packaging today and the significant opportunities and risks in what’s next for Smart Packaging. Tim will be the first speaker in track 1, which is about the smart future of labelling technology.

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