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FINAT statement on the COVID-19 crisis


Since the decision of the postponement of the FINAT Technical Seminar at the end of February, the spread of the Corona-virus has been accelerating around Europe. Meanwhile we have lost count of the number of national and international industry meetings, conferences, exhibitions and public events that have been cancelled and/or postponed. While still working on the postponement of the Technical Seminar, we are also reviewing the scenarios for the European Label Forum in Rome next June. And while writing this statement, the news reaches FINAT that also drupa has now been postponed to April 2021.

FINAT wishes to express its sympathy with the members of the European label community and their local associations that have been hurt and hit by the crisis, especially in Italy but increasingly also in other countries as Corona virus continues its journey around Europe and elsewhere.

Apart from the public health risk, the virus is now also spilling over into the real economy, and members of the label industry are taking measures to contain the risk for their staff’s well-being and their business’ continuity. In some cases more far-reaching measures are taken than those recommended or enforced by local governments and public health institutes.


What are YOU doing in your businesses to contain the spread of COVID-19? What works and what does not work? As the linking pin between associations, companies and their leadership, FINAT wishes to support the European label community by sharing the collective knowledge and best practices of the members for the good of the entire industry. We kindly invite the reader of this statement to submit their contribution to info@FINAT.com or via the social media platform where this message is also posted.

Together we will come out stronger!

On behalf of the FINAT Board,

Chris Ellison
FINAT President

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