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FINAT's strategy now expanded with 6th star

A number of years ago, FINAT defined five guiding principles (the so-called stars) for its programmes and activities in order to lead the way to future success for international label businesses. These are:

  • Technology Awareness
  • Sustainable Practice
  • Member Focus
  • Strong Positioning
  • Knowledge/Thought Leadership

In view of rapid changes in the industry, not only in relation to new technology and stricter legislation but also in terms of technical disruption, fragmentation, consolidation, political shifts or even labour shortage, it is important that we pick up the signals, increase awareness of the challenges and take appropriate steps.

A key priority for the coming years will be to help the label industry recruit and retain young talents, especially at operator level. Our 6th star is therefore called:

  • Workforce Development

As you may have read in our previous newsletters, on the occasion of our 60th anniversary we launched the #LABELicious competition in an attempt to reach out to young professionals and students across Europe. We want to challenge them to provide us with fresh and innovative ideas as far as label printing, brand design and sustainability is concerned.

We will also continue to promote our industry's image as being modern, high-tech, clean and sustainable.

Read more about it in our 2018 Yearbook.