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FINAT publishes 12th edition of the FINAT Radar

We are pleased to present you the 12th edition of our 6-monthly FINAT Radar report.

The report comes at a time of continued uncertainty, although with the outcome of the UK elections, it is highly likely that Brexit is a business reality that our industry will have to deal with in the course of 2020.

As reported on previous occasions, our industry is a significant indicator of the general economic cycle, and judging by our own quarterly labelstock statistics, Europe has been at a turning point throughout 2019, with a mixed growth picture across the main regions of our continent, but an overall slowdown for the year as a whole seems inevitable. At this point it is too early to tell, but the positive feedback I got after Labelexpo Europe at the end of September will hopefully have a positive effect on investment activity.

The self-adhesive label and narrow-web industry has always thrived on its positive outlook into the future, and its eagerness to innovate, anticipate and adapt to prospective market demand. In that sense, this edition of the FINAT Radar provides interesting insights into the evolution of the perspectives of our industry’s customer base. One encouraging signal is that self-adhesive labels are firmly embedded in our customer’s market portfolio, as they are an indispensable component of their market strategy, both as brand identifier and as supply chain enabler.

This provides us with a solid basis from which to invest into further innovations, especially where it concerns sustainability, recycling and food safety, areas in which FINAT will be presenting (the fruits of) some interesting new activities in 2020.

We wish you good reading.