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Joint FINAT-TLMI LCA project

At their ‘Sustainability Summit’ in Tokyo in 2012 the L9, the platform of label associations globally, defined insight in the environmental performance of products of the self-adhesive labelling industry as one of the key challenges for the industry. More and more multinational customers from label producers are asking for metrics to assess the (comparative) environmental footprint of their product as one of the factors to determine the choice of product decoration.

FINAT and TLMI have decided to initiate a joint LCA guidance project to ensure a level playing field, satisfy stakeholder deamndns and reduce the work burden of the industry.

The project is being executed by Pré Consultants (, a global leader in environmental measurement, methodologies and integration. 

Goal of the project is to:

  • develop a harmonised LCA guidance
  • provide a common understanding of LCA
  • provide insights in the different standards available
  • offer guidance and training on the LCA methodology
  • create a level playing-field
More information about training was given as a workshop at the Technical Seminar 2016. See the recording below.

Introduction FINAT-TLMI LCA Guide


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