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‘In today’s environmentally-focused packaging arena, FINAT is continually evaluating what has been done to make labels support sustainable results and identifying what other measures can be taken in this respect.  Our joint statement on environmental sustainability, made with other global label associations, and our connection with the Global Packaging Project, to reach global harmonisation of sustainability standards are examples of steps recently taken.


Joint TLMI-FINAT Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Project 
In recent years, there has been a growing demand for more sustainable labelling products driven by requests from governments, global brand owners and consumer groups. As a result a large number of companies in the labelling industry have created transparency on the environmental  impact of their products using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

These developments have resulted in various in-house tools and methodologies within the labelling sector. Without a common sector approach there is a risk of conflicting messages to customers and suppliers.

FINAT and TLMI have decided to initiate a joint LCA guidance project to ensure a level playing field, satisfy stakeholder demands and reduce the work burden of the industry. Click here for more information.

Global Packaging Project
The Consumer Goods Forum’s Global Packaging Project is bringing together the world’s leading brand owners and retailers, and their packaging suppliers and trade associations, to establish a common professional sustainability language that enables a dialogue between customers and suppliers on the parameters to be used to measure environmental progress.
The new draft Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability 2.0 is currently under review. More news can be found in the Members’ Area.