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Recycling Solutions

Paper recycling basics
Siliconised paper based liners consist of high-quality wood fibres, which are very suitable for recycling. Upon collection, (siliconised) liner is repulped in water containing chemicals to release the silicones from the fibers. This process will be followed by a flotation process normally used for deinking/cleaning fibers of repulped printed papers. The same process is used to remove the released small silicone particles. The pulp can then be used to produce new products, such as fine and specialty papers (e.g. release liner, label face, postal, copy papers). For more information, please see the factsheet.

Film recycling basics
Siliconized films are predominantly made out of polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) polymers and are generated particularly in the beverage and personal care product industries (PET), and in food packing and logistics (PP).

Spent PET and PP liners are reground and granulated into plastic raw materials. Source separation from paper must occur. These raw materials can then be used for a wide range of applications, such as new silicone film, outdoor jacket insulation, and a variety of miscellaneous industrial applications.

Recycling challenges
In the past, release liner recycling faced three main challenges:

  • Collection logistics
  • Required separate sorting of release liner
  • Limited awareness of release liner recycling

Recycling solutions
Various companies now offer film and paper liner recycling to any company Europe-wide. Whilst separate sorting of paper/ film liner is still required, these companies or consortia of companies can offer site-specific solutions for collecting used liner from your company, at a price that beats landfilling costs. If you wish to get started with recycling, contact them now!

The following recycling solutions and concepts are currently available to the wider self-adhesive label industry and its customers. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and will be expanded over time as more solutions are brought to FINAT’s attention. Additionally, various manufacturers of self-adhesive materials have recycling schemes available to their own customers or to the entire industry.

Click here to download the sheet with addresses.

 Avery Dennison
Logo Avery DennisonAvery Dennison developed a PET release liner program with Morssinkhof Rymoplast in The Netherlands and with PET UK in the United Kingdom. Spent PET liners are granulated for the production of rPET, used for instance for the production of recycled PET staple fibre or thermoformable PET sheets.
Avery Dennison rolled out a paper release liner program with Smurfit Kappa Recycling in the Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark. The program makes use of the existing post-consumer paper and corrugated board waste collection network of SKR. The spent paper liner become feedstock for the production of new corrugated board in Europe.
The programs are open to all converters and brand owners.

Name:      Xander van der Vlies
Tel.           +31 85 0002103 

Channeled Resources

Logo Channeled ResourcesChanneled Resources facilitates solutions for both paper and film spent liner throughout Europe in two ways:
• Cost neutral for less than truckload volumes
• Revenue for generators that meet packaging & logistic requirements
Spent paper liner is either shipped to a variety of paper mills in and outside Europe or consumed in ‘repurpose’ applications. Spent film liner is either reground and extruded for a variety of applications or repurposed.


Europe Contact:
Name:         Tony Loia
Tel:               +44 -7730-989780

US Contact:
Name:        Calvin Frost
Tel:             +1 -312- 7334200

Cycle4green Ltd. (C4G)

Logo C4G Cycle4green Ltd. offers a recycling solution for release paper liners. Collection services are available directly to label converting companies, label end-users or through selected partners in waste management business. C4G recycling operates throughout Europe. Liner waste paper is recycled by Lenzing Papier GmbH (Austria) and turned into 100% recycled paper products including label and release papers. Concept offers closed-loop recycling from waste to recycled papers in Europe.



Name:        Petri Tani
Tel:             +358 405 126 126
Email: or

Munksjö - Full CircleTM

MunksjoPaper lliner recycling initiative open to any label end-user, regardless of the origin of release paper or label-stock laminate. 
Munskjö and RecuLiner collaborate to develop an innovative paper release liner recycling solution. (CFI) material. Paper release liners are collected from label end-users and are recycled into the production of Cellulose Fiber Insulation material for building insulation.
Liner can be collected in: Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. .


Name:     Marco Martinez or Eric Van Pottelbergh

Click here to read the press release published Friday Sept 13, 2013 about the Full Circle initiative and the launch of the website

 RafCycle® by Raflatac

RafCycle® is UPM Raflatac’s recycling concept for self-adhesive labelstock by-products. RafCycle offers sustainable and cost-efficient recycling solutions for all stages of the self-adhesive labelstock lifecycle – also for both paper-based and PP liners.

Paper-based release liners can be recycled through the RafCycle concept back into paper products. UPM offers an in-house solution for recycling paper based release liner back into pulp and paperIn the best cases, the collection can be arranged free of charge. 

PP liner can be recycled through the RafCycle concept into wood-plastic composite products. For more information on used PP liner recycling, please consult the website.

Name:     Juha Virmavirta
Tel:           +358 2041 6143


reculinerRecuLiner is specialized in the development of sustainable methods for the recycling of waste release paper liner material. The RecuLiner collection system is currently operational in Benelux and adjacent areas and will gradually be expanded throughout Europe. The waste liner material is converted mainly
into cellulose fibre insulation material via a network of licensed manufacturers. The patented RecuLiner technology allows the waste release paper material to be valorized in the most sustainable way.

Contact :
Name :     Eric Van Pottelbergh
Tel :         +32 476 46 42 81
Url :  



Seliplast AG SA, acting as a pan-european recycling entity for matrix waste, is offering the Corles© system, which makes it possible to produce coreless matrix waste at the label converters’ premises. This free of charge system makes it possible to transport matrix waste in baled form over long distances. Seliplast offsets the cost of transport by paying a positive amount for each ton of clean matrix delivered. Seliplast also accepts laminate waste (PE or PP foils on glassine or PET backing) which are then separated for sorted recycling. Used PET hot and cold stamp foil in rolls are also accepted at no cost (details on request).

Name :    Christian Horn (all languages except Italian)
                Pierre Horn (French, English, German, Italian).
Tel.:         +32-4-7318837 | +32-4-97421981
Email : |  
Url :


Does your company offer a recycling solution for release liner that is open to the entire industry? Please contact the FINAT Secretariat to include your initiative here.  

 Does your company offer a recycling solution for release liner that is open to the entire industry? Please contact the FINAT Secretariat to include your initiative here.  

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