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News on recycling initiatives


FINAT Recycling Awards

FINAT has held three successful recycling awards competitions to recognize efforts by converters and end-users alike, and raise awareness for the available liner recycling solutions. Click below on the year to read the full press release with results.

20162015 | 2014

FINAT Recycling Project 2016

Focus of FINAT Recycling Project's efforts in 2016 was a fact-finding study on release liner waste in 10 countries in Europe. The study provides insight into legislative situation in the release liner waste volumes, a detailed breakdown of the destination for the waste per country, available solutions and obstacles per country, as well an overview of possible logistics hubs. Finally, the study contains a number of recommendations which will serve as the basis for an updated project plan moving forward. 

FINAT Recycling Project Group progress 

Based on the outcome of the fact-finding study, the recycling group has identified a number of key areas of focus:

1. Raising awareness among brand-owners through intensification of outreach efforts

2. Raising awareness among converters by looking beyond Finat's membership 

3. Legislative adjustments to facilitate the transport of liner waste

With a detailed project plan ready, expect more news by the end of the year!


16 Feb 2017  Henkel  Henkel achieves zero liner waste using UPM's Raflatac's RafCycle
Click here for the full press release
 16 Feb 2017  Avery Dennison  Avery Dennison® Helps Coca-Cola European Partners to Recycle 70 tons of PET Waste Annually
Click here for the full press release
14 November 2016  Dow Corning  Dow backs recycling of paper release liner waste
Click here for the full press release
20 October 2016  ERPC Paper Recycling Chain exceeds its voluntary commitment

The paper recycling rate in Europe reached an impressive 71.5% as announced by the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) in their final monitoring report for 2015. Compared to 2010, collection and recycling has increased by almost one million tonnes of paper. This is due in part to the excellent work of the ERPC.

The 2015 European paper recycling rate of 71.5% is 1.5% higher than the target set by the ERPC in the 3rd European Declaration on Paper Recycling for the period 2010-2015. We are proud to report on the impressive work completed, following the pledge it first made in 2000 to expand paper recycling in Europe.

“The efforts of the ERPC perfectly complement EU policy on Circular Economy. The paper fibre loop can serve as the perfect model for circularity”, says ERPC Chairman Henri Vermeulen. “All 13 ERPC associations are proud to be part of a value chain ‘Made in Europe’, prolonging value creation and job opportunities”, he added.

In addition to the quantitative progress, a lot of qualitative work was done, particularly with initiatives to facilitate the recycling process and increase recycling activity. These notably include collection and applying ecodesign to paper products.
For the commitment period of 2011 to 2015, EY has independently verified the recycling rate calculations. Currently, a new ambitious commitment for 2016-2020 is being prepared. This will keep the industry moving on its path towards ever-higher recycling rates.

    If you have any news concerning industry recycling initiatives, please feel welcome to contact the FINAT secretariat.

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