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End-user Survey


Every supplier within the label industry value chain, whether converter, press and ancillaries manufacturer, self-adhesive laminator, or raw material supplier, can benefit from the invaluable bank of data that this study represents. This substantially-revised and expanded new edition defines the market structure for both self-adhesive and other label technologies in Europe, identifying the key market segments and – in many cases – the changed market drivers.


FINAT has again commissioned AWA Alexander Watson Associates from The Netherlands to prepare the 2009 edition of its survey FINAT End-user Market Survey. The survey, provisionally titled ‘FINAT Label & Product Decoration Market and End-user Study 2009’ is the fourth in the series of in-depth reports on the segmentation and drivers of our industry’s markets. Previous editions of the report appeared in 2000, 2002 and 2005. The 2009 study updates and expands upon the scope of the previous reports. The study assesses and explores the opportunities in the self-adhesive and other product decoration alternatives throughout Europe. Market segments covered will include food, beverage, health and beauty, Pharma, industrial chemicals, household chemicals, automotive, transportation and logistics, consumer durables, office products and retail. In addition to the scope of the previous studies, the survey will also investigate sustainability issues across the supply chain.

Understanding the end user
Understanding the end user and his market-specific requirements is a key feature of the study. It examines the impact, within each specific market segment, of the buyers’ primary requirements for labels, in terms of performance, importance as packaging, logistics/traceability implications, preferred label technologies, and pricing considerations. This research alone provides an important profile of the label industry’s ultimate customer base – and a real understanding of the decision making process that underpins their purchasing habits.

Alternative label technologies
This edition of the FINAT End-user Market Study features an extended examination of the alternative labelling technologies that compete with self-adhesive labels, along with an evaluation of their comparative performance. This data is of key importance for narrow-web converters today, whose state-of-the-art label presses are capable of printing many more roll substrates than self-adhesive labelstock, and for whom a broader palette of capabilities can help optimise productivity and minimise downtime.

In-depth research
Industry experts AWA Alexander Watson Associates, who specialise in market research and consulting in the packaging, printing, and converting industries, were again commissioned by FINAT to research and prepare the study. They conducted extensive end-user interviews across all the major market segments, across the entire geographical coverage of the study (ie the whole of Europe), and across all the purchasing disciplines involved – from purchasing manager and packaging technologist to marketing manager and product manager. Supply-side interviews and analyses from other AWA specialist research completed the picture.

A powerful tool for YOUR company’s future success
While the future for self-adhesive labelling remains positive, the world is changing. Consolidation – mergers and acquisitions – is a fact of life today at every level of the industry; and national, regional, and even continental boundaries are now being breached as the international brand owners and retailers drive globalisation. FINAT’s role is to support the industry in every way possible to understand, accommodate, and profit from this change – and the FINAT End-user Market Survey and Industry Report is a powerful tool that can significantly help companies at all levels of the value chain to plan successful future business strategies.


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